Midwest Synthetic Turf was contracted in 2017 to install a new football field for Webb City high school after the existing turf reached the end of its useful life. The existing drainage base was not draining correctly so the necessary repairs were added as part of the project. School officials were very interested in pad underlayment as a way to improve GMax performance so the field was installed with a Brock pad under the field.

This distinct field features alternating 5-yard green panels, a 4-color midfield logo, colored end zones, 2-color end zone letters, football and soccer markings and a white football field perimeter.

In 2020, Webb City High School chose MWSTP to install their baseball infield and foul area. Brown turf was used for the running area and the remainder is green with striking alternating panels inside the base area. Their vibrant 4-color logo was placed behind homeplate.

Project Book - Webb City - Full Field - Sized 2.jpg
Webb City - Finish Pic 02 - NEW.jpg
Project Book - Webb City - Midfield Logo.jpg
Project Book - Webb City - End Zone 2.jpg
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Project Book - Webb City - Full Field - Sized 2.jpg


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