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  1. Inspection of seams, inlays and perimeter attachment of the turf
  2. Minor turf repairs up to 15 locations, additional locations needed are completed on a time and material basis.
  3. Inspection of infill depths at areas around the field.
  4. Fiber analysis
  5. Infill analysis
  6. Our grooming process quickly and effectively removes all types of debris from the surface while gently brushing the turf fibers. All material that is brought up is sifted out in a vibratory shaker screen with the clean infill being returned to the turf and the debris sifted into separate containers
  7. We spray the field with a disinfectant
  8. Finally, we pull a magnet around the field that removes all metals
Metals Pic - Concordia.jpg
Metals Pic - Dodge City Stadium.jpg
Metals Pic - Oak Grove.jpg
Metals Pic - Midland.jpg

These photos show the metals picked up by our powerful magnets.  If left in your field, the metals will grind the fibers of your turf and decrease the life of your field.

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