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In 2016 Maryville University hired Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals to construct multiple sportsfields on the main campus located in St. Louis, MO. First, MWSTP installed PowerHouse 109,000 SF on the soccer field. The baseball field is a combination of high performance Fielder’s Choice 50 oz in the rust colored “dirt” areas of the infield and TrueGrass in the outfield.

In 2019, the University renewed their partnership with MWSTP to install their new soccer/lacrosse field as well as the softball field. The product choices as well as field graphics were duplicated with multiple logos and the three-color “M” logo featured prominently.

Project Book - Maryville BB 16 - Full Field - Sized.jpg
Maryville - SoccerLAX '16 - Finish Pic 08.JPG
Project Book - Maryville SB 19 - Full Field - Sized.jpg
Project Book - Maryville LAX '19 - Full Field - Sized.jpg
Project Book - Maryville SB 19 - Midfield Logo.jpg
Maryville University - BB - Finish Pic 03.jpg
Maryville Both Fields '16 - Finish Pic 03.JPG
Maryville - SB & Lax - Finish Pic 03.JPG
Maryville Sports Complex - All 4 Fields.JPG
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