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Regardless of your turf brand or turf installer, Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals understand when you have concerns about your field.

Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals was created to bring together ISO 9001 synthetic turf manufacturers and an ASBA Certified Field Builder for Synthetic turf fields to better serve clients throughout the Midwest. Craig was the first ASBA Certified Field Builder for Synthetic turf fields in Missouri. Craig has personally been involved with and successfully completed over 200 synthetic turf projects in the Midwest since 2005.  He's installed everything from bleacher pads to paintball fields.  Craig has handled small logo repair to the installation of multi-field stadium projects. That's a track record you want working for you.


We offer extensive turf manufacturing expertise and installation expertise to create the best solutions for our clients.


Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals brings technological expertise and real world know-how to base construction, field installation, and maintenance, to provide solutions to any issues you might have with your field.  No matter the age of your field, give us a call.

Why hire a certified field builder for your project?


We've been installing turf for projects large and small since 2005.

Regardless of the size of your project, let our expertise work for you.

Call Craig for Pricing 816-668-6127

Turf installation services by Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals
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A synthetic turf field is a big investment.

Bottom line, the best way to extend the life of your investment, is regular grooming.

Annual grooming can redistribute rubber infill evenly which keep your fibers standing upright -  for optimum fiber protection and field longevity.

The grooming process also includes;

  • Sweeping the field of debris

  • Using a magnet to remove metals

  • Apply disinfectant over the field

Call Craig at 816-668-6127

If you have concerns about your field, we want to help.  
  • Inspection of seams, inlays and perimeter attachment of the turf
  • Inspection of infill depths at areas around the field.
  • Fiber analysis
  • Infill analysis
We can offer solutions.
Call Craig at 816-668-6127
Synthetic turf repair services by Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals
Gmax hardness assessment services by Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals

If injury risk is a growing concern, Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals can have a risk assessment performed that can provide information on surface hardness, potential hot spots, and infill coverage.

Reports can identify areas needing immediate action to comply with suitability for play and remedial action to assure future compliance.

Then Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals can provide potential solutions to address any issues.

Call Craig at 816-668-6127

Infill does shift over time, with use, heavy rainfall, etc.

If the infill / fiber height ratio lowers too much, your turf fibers will no longer stand up straight.  When the fibers lay over long enough, they start to wear and break, threatening the life of your field.

Let Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals help assess the infill / fiber height ratio of your field and provide

topdressing services to address this issue.

Call Craig at 816-668-6127
Rubber topdressing service for synthetic turf by Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals
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Would your organization like to know more about the turf industry, how turf is made and how it is installed?

Call Craig at 816-668-6127
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