This beautiful baseball infield MWSTP installed for Plattsburg High School in 2021 will stay that way for seasons to come with our Sporturf Baseball System.

The infield features alternating green panels inside the running areas. Baseball marking were inlaid in white. Rust colored turf was installed for the "dirt" running paths and pitching mound. The school's 3-color logo was placed behind home plate.

The softball field features the same 3-color logo behind home plate, sports markings and rust turf for the running areas.

Plattsburg Baseball 12 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg Baseball 13 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg Baseball 22 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg Baseball 11 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg Baseball 24 - sized.jpg


Plattsburg SB 28 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg SB 08 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg SB 12 - sized.jpg
Plattsburg SB 21 - sized.jpg