This second to none 2022 field for Waynesville High School sets the Gold Standard for design in the Midwest going forward.

The football field features alternating green panels every 5 yards, a 3-color midfield logo, football markings with shadowed number package, soccer markings, incredible end zone tiger graphics, orange and black all around the perimeter and dynamic orange and black lettering in the team boxes.

Admit it.  You want one.

Waynesville 20 - sized.jpg
Waynesville 03 - sized.jpg
Waynesville 06 - sized.jpg
Waynesville 02 - sized.jpg
Waynesville 20 - sized.jpg
Waynesville - Midfield Logo.jpg
Waynesville 23 - sized.jpg
Waynesville - Team Box.jpg
Waynesville - Number Package.jpg